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Kernavė – Vilnius Trail race is the oldest ongoing ultra trail in Lithuania. Started in 2015, next year the 10th edition of the event will be held. Everything started with an idea to connect the historical XIIIth  century capital of Lithuania – Kernavė and a current one – Vilnius, with a scenic trail route. While measuring straight these two locations are less than 35km apart, the race route leads along the river bends, winds through the fields and forest, climbs ancient mounds and totals more than 80km from start to finish... and because it is our 10th birthday we have a special present for our runners: first time the 160km (100-mile) Vilnius-Kernavė-Vilnius race will be held.

What to expect here in one word? Green :). About 80% of the course goes through the forests, while the remaining will take you along the Neris river, wild meadows and small local settlements.

While being one of the flattest countries in Europe we still managed to prepare  a challenging course with rolling hills, river valleys and steeper slopes on the way that accumulates to 3600 meters of vertical climb along the 100-mile route. 


For those not ready to tackle the full 160km or 80km routes, we offer just as stunning 42km trail marathon course. Starting at ethnographical Šilėnai village, it quickly joins the Ultra distances course and takes you to the finish line in Vilnius. All the most challenging parts are in this course, so do not worry – you will not miss out on any of the fun. This probably will not be your fastest marathon course, but might just be the most memorable one.


We do not have the highest mountains or deepest valleys, but we for sure are one of the most convenient trail races to travel to :) ! 

Event centre is situated in a capital city Vilnius which can be easily reached by direct plane flights from almost all European countries. A trip from the airport to the city (event) centre takes about 15 minutes. Kaunas international airport is also just 100 km away and offers direct shuttle services to Vilnius. Travellers from the neighbouring countries can use bus services or personal transport as the distance to Polish or Latvian borders is ~150 km

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Vilnius offers a lot of accommodation options from hostels and airbnb`s to five star hotels all less than few kilometers away from the competition centre, closest ones being within the walking distance. It should not cost much more than 10 € to reach the venue even from the more remotely located hotels, so even car rental is not really necessary.  Finding a nice place to eat, have a glass of well deserved wine or pint of local beer in the evening will not be a problem. 

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Arriving few days before the race or having a longer stay after? Please be sure to visit our beautiful city and its surroundings. Ideas:
Need a place to run? Contact us and we will be glad to offer you the best/closest local trail for you!

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